Employee Spotlight: Rich Weaver Celebrates 20 Years at IntelliDyne

On June 11th, IntelliDyne held a virtual Employee Awards Celebration to honor employees who were nominated by their peers for impactful service in the last year. During this year’s annual event, Rich Weaver was recognized as IntelliDyne’s longest-tenured employee, celebrating 20 years with the company! We caught up with him to reminisce and chat about his journey over the last two decades.

When did you start at IntelliDyne?

April 17, 2000. I remember this because it was two days before my 23rd birthday.  On my birthday, IntelliDyne’s VP at the time called me into the conference room, telling me on the way there that “things weren’t working out.”  I was surprised with a birthday cake and small celebration!

What was your first role here?

“Junior Systems Analyst”.  I mostly did some small Web design/development projects and worked with vendors to get quotes for potential IT equipment procurement and integration contracts.  About 6 months in, IntelliDyne won a contract supporting an advanced technology center. I had a variety of roles on that contract, starting out with assisting in evaluating new and emerging IT technologies, which was the primary focus of the contract. In that role I gained additional experience with Web design and development, which would carry me into my next position on the Web Team – and I was introduced to the love of my life, and now wife, Chrissy Weaver!

What other roles have you had since joining the company?

The majority of my time with IntelliDyne has been working with the Web Team, where I designed, developed, and maintained various websites and Web applications for a DOD client, before eventually moving into Project Management. My years with the Web Team provided a great deal of growth in my career path and were also filled with endless fun and coworkers who became great friends.

From the Web Team, I moved over to a different DOD contract for a few years to work with an amazing team of Project Managers. That highly-tuned, process-focused environment, and amazing team of professionals greatly matured my confidence and abilities in project management.

I rejoined the Web Team last year – much more seasoned than when I left. In many ways, it’s a new team, but the old spirit is still there, and I’m glad to be back!

Twenty years is a long time to stay with one company. What’s kept you here?

There’s a real sense that IntelliDyne truly cares for its employees and is always looking for ways to serve them better. Leadership listens to employees’ concerns and acts on them through initiatives such as new and updated benefits.

In addition… really, it’s the people. IntelliDyne is a close-knit community, and you don’t have to look far to find genuine friendships. This has always been a place of camaraderie and commitment, and I’ve always been proud to be a part of it.

What do you value most about working at IntelliDyne?

I have a sense of pride in our commitment to quality and dedication to the client’s mission. Clients recognize IntelliDyners as people that will go the extra mile to provide them with great service, and that makes me proud to be part of the team.

You’ve started a family since joining IntelliDyne. How old is your daughter now?

Lily turned 4 in early April and is the most magnificent being in all of creation.

Congratulations Rich! Learn more about IntelliDyne’s culture and our open opportunities. We’d love to see you at next year’s annual awards!

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