The Department of Homeland Security’s IT business mission has transformed from connecting disparate agencies to facilitating the full integration of department-wide initiatives for improved situational awareness, better collaboration, and rapid response to changing priorities under an ever-tightening budget climate. Collaboration and agility are at the core of achieving this critical mission. IntelliDyne delivers solutions that enable Homeland Security agencies to achieve measurable Return on Investment (ROI) and provide tangible value to the agencies we serve.

As trusted advisors to Homeland Security agencies, IntelliDyne delivers strategic IT solutions that help agencies consolidate and optimize legacy data centers leveraging the latest technology for the greatest return and best value. We develop state-of-the-art applications for monitoring critical components of the mission. We are experts in Agile software development methodology and we deliver efficiencies through application consolidation and expert operational support for the most unique and highly secure environments.

IntelliDyne delivers strategic Homeland Security solutions that are agile, innovative, efficient, responsive, scalable, cost-effective, secure and reliable.

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