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Falls Church, VA – Feb 26, 2013 – IntelliDyne, LLC is pleased to announce the completion of a website redesign for the Town of Herndon, Virginia. IntelliDyne developers updated the town’s website for maximum visual impact and minimal disturbance to the site’s daily operation.

In an increasingly digital world, a sleek and a modern looking website is of supreme importance, even for a small municipality like Herndon with a population under 24,000. The town recently updated its branding and was looking to completely update the look and feel of its website without the full expense or loss of daily operation that comes with traditional website redesigns. On an advanced timeline, IntelliDyne developers were able to meet the cosmetic and budgetary requirements with updates to the layout and graphical elements, as well as a refreshed user interface. Not only did Herndon get a fully functioning new website with an engaging layout, it was all done with minimal disturbance to the existing site and at a fraction of the cost of a conventional website redesign.

"Big impact can be achieved through a ‘reskin’ of a website. With a relatively small-scale effort, we were able to update the Town of Herndon website into a modern and fresh design that draws the reader in to learn more," says IntelliDyne Development & Creative Services Manager, Andy Jones.

The Town of Herndon is now operating with a website that allows residents and visitors alike to see the latest news and upcoming events at the click of a button, all while staying within the city’s budget.

To see the newly redesigned site, visit:

About the Town of Herndon, VA

The Town of Herndon is the third largest town in the Commonwealth of Virginia and home to over 23,000 residents. Amidst a 21stcentury Northern Virginia landscape of high rise buildings, industrial complexes, and transportation hubs, Herndon maintains a small town charm that is evident in its downtown, its neighborhoods and its commercial areas.


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