When another team lacked the resources to complete the D2D migration for the Defense Health Agency network, the DHA CIO directed IntelliDyne to handle implementation of the legacy sites.

From desktop to datacenter (D2D) IntelliDyne’s expertise in system administration, network management, databases, enterprise applications, tier 1-4 and VDI support, information assurance, and project management helps organizations become more efficient, secure, and focused on their business.

We’ve consolidated datacenters with zero unplanned downtime, upgraded thousands of end-users to Windows 10 ahead of schedule, and built centralized content management systems that enabled millions of dollars of IT resources to be reallocated.

While you focus on your mission, we’ll ensure your projects succeed just like we have at DHA, DOJ, FBI, HHS, JPEO and many others.

Want to learn more about our D2D capabilities, or discuss a potential initiative? Contact us to get started. 


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