Analytics can turn your agency’s operational data into valuable, actionable insight; however, many feel that integrating analytic solutions into their enterprise would be beyond their current capabilities and reach. IntelliDyne works alongside our clients to bring advanced analytics expertise and best practices to help solve real-world problems - amplifying workforce productivity and improving decision-based outcomes.

We combine our data science expertise and our clients' subject-matter expertise to create highly-effective, analytic solutions. This partnership enables us to develop a deeper understanding of our clients' data and business needs. The result…embedded analytics applications that become part of the day-to-day operational fabric; resulting in solutions that are more effective and that help to build an analytic culture within the organization. Our team leverages best-in-class analytical tools, Agile development, and data analytics best practices to deliver results rapidly and provide immediate returns on our client's analytic investment.


  • Data quality assessment and enrichment
  • Predictive analytics and modeling
  • Operationalized analytics solutions
  • Agile analytics methodology
  • EIM data analytics
  • CFO audit readiness analytics
  • Resource management data analytics


  • Increased IT services availability
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Rapid ROI achieved through
  • Agile approach
  • Proactive IT infrastructure management
  • Enhance management insights
  • Maximize organizational resources utilization

Analytics Products

Data products combine advance analytics, data preparation, domain knowledge and visualization into powerful tools that enable our clients to optimize and automate business processes.

DashBlox-EIM provides Agency IT Leadership with operational insight into every aspect of their Enterprise IT Operations in a single, integrated analytics application.


DashBlox-FM supports Agency' audit readiness programs by providing features such as lightning-quick tie-point recons, QDDs, and feeder-system transaction analysis.


Learn More about IntelliDyne’s DashBlox products.

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