About IntelliDyne

For more than 20 years IntelliDyne has delighted customers, delivered innovation, and developed leaders – going above and beyond with every engagement.

Above and Beyond IT Solutions

IntelliDyne is a market-leading professional consulting firm that has been delivering Above and Beyond consulting services to Government and Commercial clients for over two decades. In fact, many of our first clients have enjoyed our consulting experience so much that they are still partnered with us more than 20 years later.

Why? Because IntelliDyne’s exceptional personnel fuse industry expertise, experience, science, process, and innovative technology solutions together to help client organizations transform and realize outstanding performance outcomes.

On matters of national, state, and local importance, Government organizations rely on IntelliDyne for information technology consulting services and solutions in Defense, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Civilian.

IntelliDyne’s trusted advisors are agile, reliable, and intensely focused on delivering high quality services and solutions in a team-oriented manner. Their mission is to ensure that every client and partner will experience Above and Beyond Information Technology consulting services in every aspect of each engagement—every time. It is in our DNA. It is our promise and commitment.

What’s in a Name?

IntelliDyne was established in 1999 by Founder and CEO, Robert Grey. Why IntelliDyne? Our name is derived from three words: Intelligence, Intelligent, and Dyne. The fusion of these three words and their meanings was intentional, implying intelligence and force towards a greater good than ourselves.

Our Mission is to empower the federal workforce through the delivery of quality, mission-aligned services, and innovative, people-first IT solutions.

Our Values


We provide an inclusive environment where every employee can thrive.

We value the different beliefs, backgrounds, and capabilities of our people.

We treat people fairly and respectfully.

Everyone has a voice and is expected to share their ideas.


We are legal, moral, and ethical in everything we do.

We set the standard and live by example.

We act with honesty and transparency.

We act with courage and do what is right, even if it is unpopular.


We provide people, processes, and solutions to meet our client’s needs.

We deliver exceptional service and enhanced value to our clients.

We deliver on our promises.

We go Above and Beyond and give our best to our clients and our colleagues, every time.

Our Culture is embodied in our values and principles. We challenge every employee to be a good steward and representative of our culture by exemplifying our values and principles every day.

Our Leadership Principles

  • Our first priority is the health, safety, and welfare of our people.
  • We adhere to the highest ethical standards, setting an example
    for others to follow.
  • We praise in public and provide feedback in private.
  • We seek out opportunities to celebrate the success of our
  • We empower our team to work collaboratively and encourage
    innovative ideas and perspectives.
  • We create an environment where employees feel valued and
  • We take an active interest in our people through coaching and
  • We serve as coaches, where constructive feedback and honest
    conversations are frequent.
  • We promptly take action and manage performance issues
  • We communicate frequently and keep our teams informed.
  • We set clear expectations of what is expected from our team.

At our inception, our founder Robert Grey set the standard for the quality of work-life that we enjoy at IntelliDyne. As we have grown, our management team remains committed to fostering a culture where every employee is valued and supported. Participation in professional and personal development is encouraged through training benefits, tuition reimbursement, voluntary professional development programs, and mandatory training programs to promote consistency and quality in operations.

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At IntelliDyne, we develop leaders every day. Learn more about how you can grow with us. 

At IntelliDyne, we develop leaders every day. Learn more about how you can grow with us. 

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