Healthcare IT Solutions

IntelliDyne provides public heath operatives the IT solutions and services to sustain and improve the quality of life.

We Implement and Manage IT Systems in Both Military and Civilian Healthcare Sectors

Modern healthcare demands innovative IT solutions. IntelliDyne implements and manages IT systems in both military and civilian healthcare sectors to support a wide range of needs, from electronic health records and telemedicine to reliable and secure communications that deliver effective managed care.

Civilian Agency Support

Along with our technology partners, IntelliDyne serves units within the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This work for civilian agencies includes enterprise infrastructure management, systems engineering, software application developmentcloud computing, and cyber and physical security. Our goal in these efforts is to reinvent federal agencies’ IT services to deliver superior quality for substantially lower level of effort, enabling the role of the CIO to shift from infrastructure operator to scientific mission innovator.

Serving the Defense Health Agency

IntelliDyne is proud that our innovative technology solutions have helped the Defense Health Agency (DHA) to fulfill its mission. IntelliDyne supports the DHA’s goal to:

“Achieve greater integration of direct and purchased health care delivery systems so that we accomplish the Department’s Quadruple Aim: achieve medical readiness, improve the health of our people, enhance the experience of care, and lower our healthcare costs.”

The DHA is a joint, integrated Combat Support Agency that enables the Army, Navy, and Air Force medical services to provide integrated healthcare to Combatant Commands in both peacetime and wartime. The DHA delivers affordable, high-quality health services to Military Health System (MHS) beneficiaries.

IntelliDyne is responsible for providing the Deputy Assistant Director Information Operations Directorate (DAD IO)/J-6 Other Lines of Business (OLB) a wide range of Information Technology (IT) support services not limited to:

  1. Local IT Service Desk Support Services
  2. Application and Web Development Support Services
  3. Identity Management and Windows Desktop Support Services
  4. Data Center Operations Support Services
  5. Information Assurance Support Services
  6. Network Operations Support Services
  7. Telecommunications Support Services
  8. Information Business Operations

In support of DHA’s investment in the adoption of Enterprise IT Service Management (ITSM), IntelliDyne utilizes the ITSM Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework to provide consistent, available, and reliable IT services to Defense Health Headquarters (DHHQ) and other DHA HQ locations. IntelliDyne led the consolidation of all network services provided to the OLBs and effectively manages, operates, maintains, and integrates the transfer of IT support to the DHA Enterprise IT Support model. Examples of this include reorganizing direct on-site support to transition specific support functions to other DHA enterprise support elements such as the DHA Global Service Center, DHA Life Cycle Management, DHA Regional Operations, DHA Enterprise Service Management, and DHA Network Operations in locations across the United States including Falls Church, VA, San Antonio, TX, Aurora, CO, San Diego, CA, and Great Lakes, IL.

IntelliDyne is a major integrator into the DHA Enterprise and has provided self-migrations from legacy networks and domains to the Medical Community of Interest (MedCOI) and Medical Joint Active Directory (mJAD). IntelliDyne provides full and supplemental support to the Desktop to Datacenter (D2D) effort, alleviating the pull on enterprise and NIWC resources as DHA moves towards consolidation and standardization. The level of support provided by IntelliDyne ensures rapid response to onsite DHA needs. Dedicated end user support technicians know the DHA client base and are strategically placed to provide timely support. DHA NSS staff provided by IntelliDyne are intimately familiar with site needs and infrastructure. This provides rapid root cause analysis for issues and problems and proactively predicts what will be impacted by site changes, enterprise changes, or emergency disruptions to services such as power or circuit outages.

IntelliDyne relies on highly trained and capable Information Business Operations teams responsible for ensuring proper application of industry best practices such as DoD’s Risk Management Framework and NIST’s Cyber Security Framework to produce standardized results in an efficient and functional manner. Project Managers are PMP certified, have years of familiarity running projects within DHA, and provide direct support in collaboration with technical experts improving information sharing across projects. Following CMMI and ITIL best practices, project managers and quality assurance staff have supported efforts from OS deployments, to domain migrations, to authorities to operate (ATOs), to the D2D and mJAD transitions. The IntelliDyne project management team is heavily relied upon for major J-6 efforts aimed at improving cost efficiencies by supporting new deployments, coordinating cross team efforts, and overall adherence to best practices and guidelines.

IntelliDyne designs, develops, tests, deploys, and maintains secure applications and web products for the Solution Delivery Division (SDD) including,, internal OLB systems, and mobile apps. These applications empower over 9 million end users with access to military hospitals and clinic health service information, while enabling the provider community to deliver better care to all TRICARE beneficiaries.

IntelliDyne Healthcare IT Services

IntelliDyne provides the entire spectrum of services that helps DHA fulfill its mission. In our work for DHA, we:

  • design, test, install, upgrade, and sustain the worldwide DHA communications and computer infrastructure that provides users throughout the agency easy access to healthcare information
  • support the integration of all desk side support and program management
  • support network security and infrastructure assurance activities including risk management framework support, in-room video teleconferencing support, Defense Health Headquarters site asset management, and network/systems engineering
  • provide reliable and secure communications in order to respond to the emergence of new clinical practices, support of managed care, emerging technologies, evolving standards, and external events that improve customer services and lower costs of health care delivery

Todd Margules

Chief Growth Officer

Todd Margules is IntelliDyne’s Chief Growth Officer. As a client-focused leader with over 20 years of cross-industry experience, he is accountable for securing incumbent work and creating new business opportunities. Contact us to learn more about our innovative solutions and capabilities.

Todd Margules

Chief Growth Officer

Todd Margules is IntelliDyne’s Chief Growth Officer. As a client-focused leader with over 20 years of cross-industry experience, he is accountable for securing incumbent work and creating new business opportunities. Contact us to learn about our innovative solutions and capabilities. 

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