Robert (Rob) Grey - IntelliDyne Founder and CEO Robert L. Grey

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Fern Ward - IntelliDyne General Counsel Fern Ward

General Counsel

Harry Bartel - IntelliDyne Chief Operating Officer Harry Bartel

Chief Operating Officer

Sovany Van - IntelliDyne Deputy Chief Operating Officer Sovany Van

Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Marisa Krafsig - IntelliDyne Chief Human Resources Officer Marisa Krafsig

Chief Human Resources Officer

Damon McWhorter - IntelliDyne Chief Technology Officer Damon McWhorter

Chief Technology Officer

Phil Vincenzes - IntelliDyne Chief Analytics Officer Phil Vincenzes

Chief Analytics Officer

Ed Abner - IntelliDyne Advisor Ed Abner


Photo Coming Soon Todd Margules

Vice President, Strategic Growth

Shannan Winkler - IntelliDyne Vice President, Finance Shannan Winkler

Vice President, Finance

Kelly Ziadie, IntelliDyne Vice President, DOJ Operations Kelly Ziadie

Vice President, DOJ Operations

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