IT Modernization Infographic: Options and Benefits of Cloud Migration

The Department of Defense’s Digital Modernization Strategy, released last year, states that cloud computing is the foundation on which DoD will build and scale improved IT systems, analytic solutions, and command and control abilities. It is part of a wider effort to improve IT systems through modernization.

DoD’s document explains that the cloud is the “foundation for all Key Focus Areas to unlock the full potential of technology advances for the Department and Warfighter.” Along with cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, cloud computing is a core component of DoD’s IT modernization strategy.

Cloud migration is not for the faint of heart, notably when DoD’s IT infrastructure consists of ten thousand operational systems, thousands of data systems, tens of thousands of data servers, millions of computers and IT devices, and hundreds of thousands of mobile devices.

Given this, it’s a good idea to start simply, with a view of the key types of cloud software options available and the benefits that the migration brings.

Our simple infographic helps bring clarity to the initial conceptual phase of cloud migration.

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