Efficient Infrastructure

Like most Government organizations, your IT infrastructure was likely built one piece at a time, a patchwork quilt of what was ‘new and improved’ at the moment. Does it deliver what you need when you need it, or are you constantly fighting your system to get it to do what you want done? Imagine a house you’ve been expanding and adding-onto for 20 years. It may work, but is it really efficient?

All IntelliDyne IT infrastructure solutions are designed to deliver lasting value. Business continuity and contingency planning are built in, and we continually optimize performance, and improve control.

Our IT infrastructure service expertise spans managing cloud services, hybrid cloud, virtualization, data center optimization, server solutions & upgrades, networking, cyber security, video teleconferencing, service desk and managing our client IT assets. We can design and build an entire best-in-class infrastructure from scratch, or deliver core components as part of a strategic upgrade or refresh. Whatever the case, each IntelliDyne project begins with the all-important question…. “What’s in the best interest of our clients?”

Our highly accredited infrastructure experts start by auditing the existing IT environment to determine what it can achieve. We then work closely with business stakeholders and technical team to gain a holistic view of your current operation, business processes, drivers for change and desired outcomes. Then, and only then, we will design, build and implement best-in-class solution that combine best-in-class server, storage and networking technologies. The outcome is an individually tailored solution that fits our client’s needs today and, most importantly, scale to meet future demands. IntelliDyne clients benefit from our expert ability to guide transformation in unique environments. Our dedicated management and operations team keeps your organization’s enterprise infrastructure operating at peak performance—reliably and securely, 24/7.

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