Reduced Risk

Do you leave the door to your home unlocked? Are your car keys still in the ignition? There are simple steps that can reduce both those risks. But how can you reduce risk at your organization? What keeps you awake at night?

Information technology has become the foundation for virtually every organization across the country. From back office services such as payroll and human resource management, to customer focused websites, IT drives mission outcomes on many levels.

However, the dependence on IT surfaces many inherent mission risks: How can system owners be assured the information traversing the system is being used for the intended purposes? How can the organization’s intellectual property be best protected and how can they stay ahead of threats? The potential for an unplanned, negative mission outcome involving the failure or misuse of IT requires careful system design and constant vigilance.

IntelliDyne’s experience providing cyber security, information assurance and security operation center support services to a number of U.S. Government agencies has given us a deep and comprehensive understanding of the technologies and methodologies needed to successfully manage organization IT risk. Our mature analytical and engineering approaches offer comprehensive cyber security solutions by applying industry best practices such as NIST Cyber Security Framework, DoD’s Risk Management Framework, and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001. Our processes have been tested, refined and proven through our years of practical experience. We can help you sleep better at night.

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