Your enterprise security environment faces visible and invisible internal and external threats. Some risks are related to users, some relate to business processes and non-compliance, and some are Information Technology-based. Ignore one and you’re bound to maximize your risk of exposure.

At IntelliDyne, our expert team of security management consultants knows that only a holistic Information Security approach can effectively protect your organization in cyberspace. IntelliDyne’s comprehensive cyber security solutions are designed from the ground up to meet your business goals. From assessment through design and full deployment, IntelliDyne delivers end-to-end secure content management, encryption, network engineering and management, authentication, intrusion detection, automated monitoring, rapid response and forensics.

Aligned with Government CIOs’ missions and goals, IntelliDyne Information Assurance and Cyber Security solutions deliver concrete and measurable business value at each and every step. As your trusted advisors, we protect valuable information wherever it resides, manage and align security risks with business goals, automate user management to achieve more efficient compliance, elevate your readiness to handle internal and external threats and vulnerabilities, enable operations to complete the mission while minimizing risk, and achieve productive collaboration with fully compliant security.

With IntelliDyne, peace of mind becomes state of mind. Rest assured; IntelliDyne’s security solutions work in the most demanding environments. Leverage our proven expertise to achieve success.


  • Program and Project Management
  • Systems Security Engineering
  • Cyber Security Operations
  • Certification and Accreditation
  • Enterprise Security Management
  • Enterprise and Systems Vulnerability
  • Risk Management
  • Mission Assurance
  • Acquisition Management
  • Incident Prevention Modeling/ Cyber Exercise
  • Penetration Testing
  • Post-Incident Forensic Analysis and Reporting
  • POA&M mitigation
  • CCRI compliance
  • ATO readiness


  • Protect Valuable Information Wherever it Resides
  • Manage and Align Security Risks with Business Goals
  • Automate User Management to Achieve More Efficient Compliance
  • Elevate your Readiness to Handle Internal and External Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Enable Operations to Complete the Mission While Minimizing Risk
  • Productive Collaboration with Fully Compliant Security

IntelliDyne's Cyber Assurance & Information Assurance Solutions:

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