Where most see a challenge, we see an opportunity to delight another client, delivering innovation and value in our Above and Beyond Information Technology consulting services. Have you experienced consulting services that go Above and Beyond lately? Our clients and partners do—every day!

IntelliDyne, LLC is a market-leading professional consulting firm that has been delivering Above and Beyond consulting services to Government and Commercial clients for over two decades. In fact, many of our first clients have enjoyed the Above and Beyond consulting experience so much that they are still partnered with us more than 20 years later. Why? Because IntelliDyne's exceptional personnel fuse industry expertise, experience, science, process, and innovative technology solutions together to help client organizations transform and realize outstanding performance outcomes. On matters of national, state, and local importance, Government organizations rely on IntelliDyne for Above and Beyond consulting services and solutions in Defense, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Civilian.

IntelliDyne's trusted advisors are agile, reliable and intensely focused on delivering high quality services and solutions in a team-oriented manner. Their mission is to ensure that every client and partner will experience Above and Beyond Information Technology consulting services in every aspect of each engagement—every time. It is in our DNA. It is our promise and commitment.

For our clients to experience Above & Beyond services, we train and hold each professional we hire to the following core values:

  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Loyalty
  • Teamwork
  • Diversity

Experience the people, services and solutions that make up IntelliDyne's Above and Beyond consulting services. Learn more about us.

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