Employee Spotlight on Latasha McMillan

What is your role at IntelliDyne?
At IntelliDyne, I am the Corporate Receptionist. I support the Security and Facilities departments, and any other departments that may need assistance.

What about your job makes you jump out of bed each morning?
Definitely the people I work with and for. My colleagues make every day worth being here. I’m lucky to have found IntelliDyne.

What influenced or drove you to become an expert in your field?
I really enjoy a role where I am able to influence and ensure client satisfaction. In my previous job, I strove to deliver exceptional customer service. The consistent feedback I received helped to mold the person I am today.

What was your dream job growing up?
I’m not sure I had one consistently. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!

What are some personal challenges you have encountered in your career —and how have you overcome them?
The biggest personal challenge I have faced in my career is learning to accept help when it is offered. Though I am honestly still working on it, I have found that being open with those I work with helps keep me accountable.

What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a career in Security and Facilities?
No two days are the same, which definitely keeps you on your toes. Don’t forget to study up on your acronyms!

What are 3 words you would use to describe IntelliDyne?
Three words to describe IntelliDyne would have to be quality, devotion, and respect.

What do you think makes IntelliDyne a great place to work?
The culture at IntelliDyne is like nothing I have ever experienced. My colleagues breathe our corporate values and senior leadership believes in taking care of their employees.

Which one of our corporate values is the most meaningful to you?
This is such a hard question, but I would have to say Quality. The fact that all of the employees I have met in my time here fully believe in doing something the right way the first time has strengthened my attention to this value. I have always encouraged anyone I have trained to adopt a “quality” mindset. It may take longer to achieve your task right the first time, but I can assure you (from experience) that your clients and customers will appreciate the effort of doing it right versus doing it fast.

What is one unique or fun fact that others may not know about you?
Fun fact: I never say no to new experiences.

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