IntelliDyne Director of Contracts, Jada Asmar.

Employee Spotlight on Jada Asmar

Tell us a little about your career at IntelliDyne.
My name is Jada Asmar. I’ve been with IntelliDyne for a little over a year as the Director of Contracts.

What motivates and inspires you to continue growing and excelling in your role at IntelliDyne?
I am on a journey of growth in my personal and professional life. The people within the company and the purpose of working for something bigger than myself is what drives me to want to do my best. A handful of people have come into my life and made a positive impact that will last a lifetime. I strive to be that person for others as well, even if it is just one person that I make a difference for.

What skills or qualities do you believe have been instrumental in your career progression?
Reliability is a skill that is most important to me. I am a person who thrives with structure and a sense of order. Actions that are consistent and dependable create trust. My goal is to be a trusted partner and I truly value that in return.

What tips or advice would you give to a new hire?
Each person has a special skill set that is an important part of the bigger team. We all need each other and individual employee strengths have value. As a part of the team, it is important to connect with each other in a collaborative environment so that everyone’s voice is heard, and creative ideas are embraced.

How would you describe your leadership style and what key traits do you believe make you an effective manager?
My leadership style is consistent encouragement. It is my goal as a manager to provide career development for junior employees. It is important to me to help others succeed so that each small success becomes a larger success that everyone will be proud of. I believe helping others is important so that we are set up for success and not put in a position to fail. As a manager, I will always encourage continuous learning and identify opportunities within the company to foster professional growth.

What is your favorite leadership quote or mantra that resonates with you and influences your approach to leading others?
My favorite leadership quote is “A contract is only as good as the people signing it”. It is people and relationships that determine success. It is important to me that as a representative of IntelliDyne I am showing commitment to our values of inclusion, integrity, and above and beyond service. This is the behavior I expect of myself and others around me.

How do you ensure team members feel valued and recognized for their contributions?
I put in time and effort to provide consistent feedback to show value to that person. I believe this is critical for higher morale and that team member being proactively involved and empowered in their work environment. Employees who are confident bring a culture to work of high productivity and job satisfaction.

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