Employee Spotlight on Justin Thompson, IntelliDyne Compliance Engineer Lead Manager

Employee Spotlight on Justin Thompson

Tell us a little about your career at IntelliDyne.
My name is Justin Thompson, Compliance Engineer Lead Manager. I have worked at IntelliDyne for 10 years in multiple positions from End User Support to Network Operations team. I love the work we do; I enjoy the team I am a part of and I fully believe in the mission and vision of our client.

What skills or qualities do you believe have been instrumental in your career progression?
Essential skills and qualities that have been monumental in my career progression are active listening, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Each one of these skills is essential for navigating complex projects.

How do you contribute to fostering a positive and collaborative work environment?
Creating a positive work environment requires collaboration with team members. The best way this can be achieved is by ensuring that everyone is treated with respect and dignity. Everyone’s voice will be heard. Differences in opinion are encouraged with the understanding that a problem may have various solutions requiring different methods/techniques for resolution.

What tips or advice would you give to a new hire?
My suggestions for any new hire: Ask questions; Take notes; Communicate concerns; Have an open mind; Pass on the knowledge that is attained.

How do you define success?
Success can be measured in many forms. Some say metrics and statistics are the best way to determine success. Personally, I measure success based on feelings of satisfaction, outcomes, and what was learned along the way.

How would you describe your leadership style and what key traits do you believe make you an effective manager?
My leadership style is a mix between transformational and empathetic. Traits that make an effective manager include the ability to be honest, transparent, and available. I am always honest with my team and coworkers and I do everything in my power to make myself available to my team to ensure we find inclusive solutions to any worries or concerns they have.

What is your favorite leadership quote or mantra that resonates with you and influences your approach to leading others?
“Everyone’s ideas should be heard. It doesn’t matter who gets credit. As long as you’re working towards the same mission and shared purpose,” – Mike Krzyzewski.
“All work is honorable. Always do your best because someone is watching,” – Colin Powell. This quote resonates with me because a leader should lead by example, set an expectation of excellence, and be willing to roll up their sleeves and lend a hand when the work gets difficult.

In what ways do you encourage collaboration and open communication within your team to foster a positive and productive work environment?
I encourage collaboration and open communication within my team by stressing the importance of each individual team member. I encourage everyone to express their opinions, concerns, and thoughts about current, past, and future projects. Together we revisit lessons learned and share ideas for future tasks/projects. I focus on ensuring a positive work environment where everyone is treated fairly.

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