Portrait of Sovany Van, IntelliDyne Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Employee Spotlight on Sovany Van

What is your role at IntelliDyne?
I am IntelliDyne’s Chief Operating Officer. I oversee our portfolio of programs and a subset of corporate functions that include Marketing, Corporate IT, Quality, and Facilities & Security. My role is to ensure effective and efficient client and internal operations, keeping & obtaining corporate certifications, and standing up and running a corporate Program Management Office (PMO).

What about your job makes you jump out of bed each morning?
It’s an exciting time at IntelliDyne! There are important decisions and actions that need to be made to help us continue to transform. I enjoy the responsibility of helping to set direction for the company by making continual improvements and recommendations for the betterment of our employees and clients. I wake up excited each day to execute toward that vision.

What influenced or drove you to become an expert in your field?
Information Technology (IT) and management are fields that do not stay stagnant. Regardless of how much you think you know, there is always something new to learn. The pursuit of constantly learning and improving helps to build my skills and confidence.

What was your dream job growing up?
I wanted to be a doctor because my dad was in the medical field. I spent a lot of time following him around at the hospital and was in awe of science. Eventually I realized that business was probably a better fit for my lifestyle… and here we are!

How has your career progressed here at IntelliDyne?
I started as a Project Manager on a Defense Health Agency (DHA) web contract. After about five years, I became the Team Manager and later Program Manager of the same contract. I then shifted to our largest DHA program as Task Management Lead (while keeping my Program Manager role on the web contract). Eventually, I took over our largest DHA contract as Program Manager. I served in this role for a couple of years before transitioning to Chief Operating Officer in 2021.

How have you taken ownership of advancing in your career at IntelliDyne?
One of my guiding principles is that you must “OWN” your career, which includes owning your growth.

We have a phenomenal professional development program that I have utilized extensively, but that required putting in the time and energy on my end. My goal was always to learn as much as possible and excel at whatever role I was in, so that I would be ready for the next role.

To that end, I completed a bootcamp and obtained my PMP. I attended external trainings for my Agile Certified Scrum Master & Agile Certified Product Owner certifications. I also maintain certifications in ITIL foundations, and ITIL Intermediate Service Strategy. I have participated in internal and external leadership trainings, attended countless seminars, read articles and books, and I completed my Master’s Degree with IntelliDyne’s tuition reimbursement benefit.

Outside of formal training, informal training is really important. Finding mentors and self-reflection can help to guide you down the right path. I may not have known exactly where I wanted to be when I started at IntelliDyne 12 years ago, but I knew I wanted to constantly grow and take on more responsibilities.

What are 3 words you’d use to describe IntelliDyne?
Supportive, employee focused, service-oriented

Which one of our corporate values is the most meaningful to you?
Teamwork – We are successful at what we do because of the team and I have relied on others to help me with my goals throughout my career.

What is one unique or fun fact that others may not know about you?
I am the first person in my family born in the United States.

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