IntelliDyne Team Leads Creation of COVID-19 Mobile App for Frontline Healthcare Workers

One of IntelliDyne’s clients was facing unparalleled challenges to their mission readiness resulting from the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. This healthcare organization had to prepare an effective response to a surge in treatment needs while overcoming the challenges of operating under quarantine conditions. Our client needed to quickly provide a reliable, accurate, and easy-to-access mobile tool for healthcare workers to guide them through proper protocols when presented with potential COVID-19 cases.

In response to the client’s sense of urgency, IntelliDyne’s project manager lead the development team to translate rapidly gathered requirements into a user-friendly application, while operating under an extremely tight deadline of ten days. To further expedite the delivery of this solution, the development team strategically selected existing mobile functionality and design elements that could be adapted to meet the requirements of the COVID-19 mobile app project. The team was able to extend the existing app to support healthcare workers with interactive workflows featuring diagnosis and triage protocol scenarios with related information to follow the latest COVID-19 clinical guidelines.

While design and development of the app was already underway, the team continually worked to incorporate evolving requirements in order to ensure that the final product would be safe, responsive, and beneficial. Remaining committed to the client’s vision and mission, the development team increased their work tempo and pace, to design, build, test, and successfully deploy the product on schedule.

The COVID-19 app that was produced has enabled our client to streamline best practices for their medical staff in response to the pandemic. Learn more about how IntelliDyne’s industry experience enables us to act as a trusted advisor to our clients, providing efficient and timely solutions through our innovative technologies

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