IntelliDyne’s ITAC Publishes Top 10 Tech Trends in 2015 for Government Enterprise Infrastructure Management

Falls Church, VA – December 1, 2014 – Today, IntelliDyne, LLC’s Industry Technology Advisory Council (ITAC) published an infographic in Washington Technology featuring the Top 10 Tech Trends in 2015 for Government Enterprise Infrastructure Management. IntelliDyne’s ITAC is a thought leadership council focused on promoting innovation in Enterprise Infrastructure Management and technology solutions in government, comprised of IntelliDyne senior technologists and enterprise architects.

The infographic includes key insights on the manner and types of technology solutions government CIOs will leverage to accomplish mission goals, and recommendations on how Enterprise Infrastructure Management solutions providers can meet emerging client needs. Insights include:

  1. IoT – Internet Of Things will become practical as government figures how to extend applications, solutions and analytics from the Gov Enterprise & Data Centers.
  2. Who’s the Boss – Ownership of IT Resources within government programs will be challenged as more consolidation and virtualization will create new stakeholders in specific business arenas.  “Sharing is caring” will be challenged.
  3. Information Security is everyone’s business – The ever increasing “zero day” attacks will drive Information Security and Cyber Industries from today’s predictive and reactive toward proactive and containment solutions.
  4. LPTA Vs. Best Business Value – With Shared Services and Pay-Per-Use licensing, LPTA decisions will be judged on business metrics such as business impact, network efficiency and real-time reporting as part of a new evaluation paradigm. 
  5. Cloud Computing will morph from nebulous security hang-ups unto major business driver in helping government cut costs, eliminate redundancies, and connects disparate data centers. 
  6. Higher Workload Through Data Virtualization – More apps, open-source software and big data will stream through the networks, which will demand efficient virtualization, workflow automation to handle the increased traffic and ally security concerns.
  7. Big Data will cease being the source of jokes and become relevant as smart in-memory data analytics will allow Program managers and CIOs to extract real-time data at any time, improving citizen services and stakeholder experience.
  8. Use of Unstructured Data Will Soar – Enterprise information management will deal with a new reality where the real challenge is managing unstructured data from multiple unverified sources, such as video, audio, social media, BYOD, and creating a true management challenge. 
  9. Predictive Analytics – 2015 will be the year where Gov CIOs ask for simulated data versus “post-mortem” analysis to create better decision through analyzing scenarios.
  10. IaaS, SaaS & PaaS will go mainstream with Gov IT as data center consolidation will enable secure and reliable delivery of virtualized data solutions.


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