Your enterprise environment, programs, and portfolios have all grown in both size and complexity: compliance requirements, budget constraints, demand for enhanced capability, visible accountability, and operational availability. Data representing operations, projects, risk status, performance metrics, schedules, milestones, and more - how do you manage it all? Welcome to IntelliDyne’s family of platform solutions: DashBlox Enterprise Infrastructure Management (EIM), and DashBlox Integrated Program Assurance (IPA).

From infrastructure to apps to security, it’s a high-stakes balancing act to meet all of an organization’s IT needs. DashBlox EIM and DashBlox IPA can help you succeed without compromise by providing real-time visibility into your entire IT environment. Together, they combine advanced analytics, data preparation, domain knowledge, and visualization into powerful tools that enable you to optimize and automate processes.

DashBlox Enterprise Infrastructure Management (EIM)

DashBlox EIM provides operational insight into every aspect of your Enterprise IT Operations in a single, integrated analytics application. It leverages the power of data analytics to provide instantaneous access to the timely, accurate operating status of the enterprise and performance of the support team. DashBlox EIM compares and correlates IT operational system data to support delivery of transparent, predictive, and proactive Enterprise Infrastructure Management services.


  • Service desk performance information
  • Supports team performance optimization, current and forecast
  • Drives Problem Management through service ticket analytics
  • Tracks asset performance, ROI and optimization
  • Establishes network performance profile to enable predictive system management
  • Creates network event correlation to prevent issue escalation
  • Provides a transparent system risk profile
  • Displays impact of unresolved vulnerabilities
  • Identification of potential threats


  • Flexible design for executives and managers of all levels to provide the right information to the right people at the right time
  • Predictive and proactive enterprise wide support through the power of Data Analytics
  • Identification of corrective actions to quickly isolate problems and restore information services
  • Increased Return on Investment (ROI) of enterprise IT assets, both hardware and software

DashBlox Integrated Program Assurance (IPA)

DashBlox IPA is an advanced program and portfolio management solution that provides integrated, accurate, real-time information. DashBlox IPA seamlessly bridges all of your source data systems to bring relevant project and portfolio data together, presenting it through a single dashboard. DashBlox IPA continuously collects and monitors data from disparate systems, enabling you to manage schedules, costs, and risks, deliver positive results, communicate progress, and increase transparency and accountability.


  • High-level program/project narrative and overview
  • Contract or project SLA performance metrics
  • Project financials 
  • Contract details
  • Staffing headcount including vacancies and turnover metrics
  • Project POCs 
  • Program status narrative
  • Key events and milestones status
  • Program/project risks and issues tracking
  • Integrated master schedule/project schedule
  • Sub-project and operational initiatives tracking
  • Strategic objectives, supporting initiatives, and results tracking (OKRs)


  • Provides data-driven, metrics-based approach
  • Integrated, accurate, real-time information 
  • Visibility into project status, contract and schedule performance, milestones, staffing, and risk
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting for course-corrective action
  • Flexible and scalable as reporting requirements grow or change
  • Promotes accountability through transparency

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