Transparency & Accountability

Your organization’s IT is great at churning out statistics and figures. But what do they all mean? And is your IT system telling you what you need to hear?

We have found that Government IT managers often lack the critical information necessary to provide reliable and efficient IT services critical to their agency’s mission. Current reporting methods do not meet the need to gather a timely and accurate view of the performance of the system and contractor support; stove-piped data repositories and information silos prevent aligning system performance to client demand, leading to a reactive posture and inefficient and costly support structure, and IT system control decentralization inhibits the establishing the forward indicators necessary to identify and resolve security and performance issues before client service is impacted. Think about it: if you’re about to miss an SLA, does your system tell you where and why? Did you discover your last network outage immediately, or after the phone calls began? Does your system tell you which piece of equipment will be the next to fail?

To address this unmet need of our clients, IntelliDyne leveraged our experience developing data analytic solutions with the DOJ and DHA and expertise with QlikView, a leading Business Intelligence platform, to develop DashBlox EIM. DashBlox EIM leverages the power of Data Analytics to provide instantaneous access to the timely and accurate operating status of the enterprise and performance of the support team and enable comparison and correlation of all of the system data and information resources to support delivery of transparent, predictive and proactive Enterprise Infrastructure Management services.

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