IntelliDyne 25th Anniversary Employee Spotlight Elmar Krueger

Anniversary Spotlight on Elmar Krueger


As IntelliDyne marks its 25th anniversary, we are taking a moment to reflect on the journey that has brought us here, made possible by the dedication, hard work, and innovation of our employees. In celebrating this significant milestone, we’re not just looking back at our achievements; we’re also shining a light on the individuals who have been instrumental in shaping IntelliDyne’s legacy. This year we’re not only celebrating our successes, but the success of our people, especially those who have been with us for the long haul.

In these Anniversary Spotlights, we’re asking our tenured employees a series of questions designed to delve into their personal stories and experiences. From memorable projects that filled them with pride, to the evolution of their roles, to moments of teamwork and camaraderie that exemplify our culture. We explore the values and principles that make IntelliDyne unique, and the initiatives that have had a positive impact on our company, our people, and our clients.

Join us as we embark on this journey of reflection and celebration, honoring the people who have made IntelliDyne what it is today. Here’s to 25 years of excellence, innovation, and community —with many more to come.

How long have you been with IntelliDyne, Elmar?
I just celebrated my 20th anniversary! I started my career path here as a Systems Administrator.

How has your role evolved since you first joined IntelliDyne, and what were some key moments or projects that contributed to your growth?
This one is easy, when I first joined IntelliDyne I was the ONLY person in San Antonio on the program. We soon had another role and continued to slowly expand as other contracts ended. We had a great reputation for outstanding support and soon that reputation expanded to the TRICARE Pharmacy operations, then to the Bank of America location, and North Beach Pavilion. We grew from one FTE to 40+ FTEs, increased our support, and expanded from 50 clients to approximately 900. Receiving world-class support from a loyal group of IT professionals has always delighted the client.

Can you recall a time when IntelliDyne faced a significant challenge in the industry or market, and how the company adapted and thrived in response?
In 2013, the government shutdown affected one of our client locations. The IntelliDyne staff was not allowed to work and there was no end in sight for the shutdown. The company pulled together and rallied the other teams to donate Paid Time Off for our colleagues so that no one’s pay was impacted. That was an amazing sacrifice that no one hesitated to do for our fellow team members.

Have you witnessed any remarkable instances of employee growth or development during your time at IntelliDyne? Can you share an example of someone who started in one role and evolved into a key contributor or leader?
The two people that stand out the most in this case are Kyle Benedetto and Darlene Minea. Kyle quickly rose through the ranks from Helpdesk Manager to the Program Manager on our largest DOD contract. His quality work, calm demeanor, and attention to detail are all attributes that have led to his success.
Approximately 10 years ago, I interviewed and hired Darlene, sight unseen from a location in Germany where she was a contractor. She started working as the most junior end-user support person and quickly moved up. Darlene’s honesty, integrity, work ethic and positive attitude have always shined. She maintains her positive attitude despite the circumstances surrounding her. Darlene has faced adversity and unfathomable grief in her life and yet, she wears her smile proudly and convincingly. She is now a Deputy Operations Manager. I could not be prouder of her accomplishments, DESPITE what she has endured.

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