IntelliDyne Aids Client in the Timely Dissemination of COVID-19 Information

As more information about the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, became publicly available, the communications division of an IntelliDyne client began posting informational articles and updates several times a day to a highly visited, public-facing website. Despite the abundance of content being provided, users browsing the home page for guidance were unable to easily locate the information.

In response to an urgent request from the client to resolve this issue, members of IntelliDyne’s Web Team collaborated to design a widget that could be integrated into any page of the client’s website as a custom banner. Once developed, the banner was applied to the top of the home page featuring a large Coronavirus graphic. Users who clicked the banner were taken to a landing page where they could quickly find the latest Coronavirus information provided by the client.

Given the unprecedented nature of the pandemic and the urgent need to roll out this feature, IntelliDyne developers significantly shortened the typical deployment schedule by incorporating its release into an upcoming version. Our developers made this a top priority focusing solely on creating, testing, and validating functionality of the banner widget on the fastest schedule possible.

Through the dedicated effort of our team, the banner widget was successfully developed and deployed to the client’s website in less than two weeks from the initial request, an effort that would traditionally take a month or longer. The Coronavirus banner has made the content posted by our client readily available to website visitors.

Our client expressed gratitude to the team through an agency-wide email stating, “Bravo Zulu to our website team for keeping up with this unprecedented volume and meeting our patients and stakeholders where they are: online.”

IntelliDyne has supported federal government agencies for over 20 years. We take pride in our ability to support the mission of our clients through our innovative technology solutions, even during a time of crisis.

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