Preparing for Federal Agencies’ Embrace of Automation Technology

By Phil Vincenzes, Chief Analytics Officer

“There were some amazing things that were accomplished last year. But what’s in store for this year is even more exciting.”

That’s Suzette Kent, Federal Chief Information Officer at the Office of Management and Budget, talking this spring about IT modernization and, more explicitly, robotic process automation (RPA). It’s part of a general approach by OMB and the Administration to encourage RPA, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

As we can tell by Kent’s public statements, the role of automation in government is showing signs of gaining traction. With the recent formation of the DoD’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center and OMB’s statements on the use of automation by federal civilian agencies, it’s clear that the government is serious about bringing automated intelligence solutions to bear.

Kent’s encouragement of agencies to “just get started” in advance of the forthcoming policies sends a signal that, policy or not, U.S federal agencies should immediately begin their own efforts to leverage the benefits of applied intelligence.

With China vowing to become a world leader in AI, creating a $150B domestic industry, the US will need to do all it can to stimulate the rapid assimilation of this important technology to stay in the global economic race, make government efficient, and empower the DoD and Intelligence Communities to keep us safe.

Data analytics and program management are also on the agenda for Kent. The ability to harness data is a challenge for Federal agencies, with data representing many aspects of Federal programs, including operations, projects, risk status, performance metrics, schedules, milestones.

As Kent stated in an interview with EY earlier this summer: “The commercial sector has created expectations of transparency and corporate responsibility. So we’re now putting all available information on real-time dashboards.”

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