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Data here, there, and everywhere. Time to get it under your thumb

You have a portfolio or program that has grown in size, complexity, and intricacy. That undoubtedly means you now have an astounding amount of valuable data — enough to eclipse Iron Mountain. It’s critical data that represent project status, risk, performance metrics, development schedules, milestone status, gate reviews, and much more.

But, getting your hands on it isn’t easy because the data is not all in one place or even a few places for that matter. Wrapping your arms around what it all means is harder still, and it’s difficult to determine any given project’s true status or identify threats to its success.

You need a solution that seamlessly bridges all of your source data systems to bring relevant project and program data together, presenting it through a single view. Such an integrated program and portfolio data management solution would enable you and all of your stakeholders to gain situational awareness for each project and program to manage schedules, costs, and risks, deliver positive results, communicate progress, and maintain transparency and accountability.

You actually can achieve more with less

With the proper tools, you can get your data under your control and at your fingertips, enabling you to achieve better quality and outcomes with a lot less headache and effort. Gaining real-time visibility into the performance of your operations and programmatic execution of contract requirements can provide immense peace of mind. Plus, the best way to achieve or exceed all contract performance metrics is through continuous monitoring and reporting, allowing course-corrective actions to be taken in time to change direction and improve outcomes.

A program and portfolio data management solution needs to be interactive and allow you the capability to drill down into underlying details to perform analysis, including getting to the root cause. A data-driven, metrics-based approach for the management and technical execution of portfolios, programs, and contracts is fundamental to success. Effective portfolio and program management are only possible when a metrics-driven approach is taken for program execution.

Gain transparency, accountability, and trust

Collecting operational data from disparate data systems and reporting it in real-time in an integrated dashboard can facilitate transparency, accountability, and trust. It can give all stakeholders visibility into project status, contract and schedule performance, milestones, staffing, and project risk. An integrated dashboard can also result in significant labor reductions through the elimination of manually produced reports and presentation materials for program review cycles.

Being able to define and publish strategic team-based and individual goals and objectives can also allow you to track, review, and analyze progress to date. When properly architected, the solution can provide a formula-driven analytic tool that calculates current and historical SLA performance for any category of operational or programmatic metric. That allows you to monitor performance in real-time and take course corrective actions as soon as SLA metrics fall below established performance quality levels, with underlying detail accessible to support root-cause analysis.

“We fully recognize the value that analytics and dashboard reporting provides to improve programmatic outcomes, reduce project risk and cost, and serve as a communications tool between IT and the customer, creating a relationship based on transparency, accountability,and trust,”

Ed Abner, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, IntelliDyne

Having the right tools make the job easy

Integrating external project scheduling tools, such as Microsoft Project, enables a single view of individual or group projects in one place. Having an integrated view allows mangers to identify resource under- or over-utilization for teams and individuals. A COTS-based architecture can be flexible and scalable, allowing your data analytics team to quickly add additional data sources as reporting requirements grow or change. Your data analytics team can integrate all required and desired reporting functionality from data sources covering a full range of areas, including:

  • High-level program/project narrative and overview
  • Contract or project SLA performance metrics
  • Project financials
  • Contract details
  • Staffing headcount including vacancies and turnover metrics
  • Project POCs
  • Program status narrative
  • Key events and milestones status
  • Program/project risks and issues tracking
  • Integrated master schedule/project schedule
  • Sub-project and operational initiatives tracking
  • Strategic objectives, supporting initiatives, and results tracking (OKRs)

A powerful program and portfolio management solution

We’d be happy to discuss IntelliDyne’s DashBlox® IPA, our Integrated Program Assurance solution. Download our White Paper, or contact us at or 703-575-9715 to discuss how we can help get all your data under your thumb.

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