Qlik Natural Language API

Qlik’s Natural Language API Expands Opportunities for Developers

IntelliDyne has been successfully using Qlik’s analytics platform for years to help clients make faster, informed decisions using interactive visualizations. One particularly useful feature of Qlik is the built-in conversational analytics: an AI-powered natural language processing capability termed the “Insight Advisor.” Naturally, IntelliDyne is thrilled about Qlik’s recent announcement of their new  Natural Language API, which opens the power behind Qlik’s AI chatbot platform to the development community.

Qlik’s Insight Advisor chatbot uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand users’ questions and instantly generate relevant text, visuals, and recommendations in response [1]. As a result, users can explore, visualize, and analyze data faster than ever by effortlessly transitioning between visual and conversational analytics.

With the launch of the Natural Language API, IntelliDyne can develop customized chatbots for clients using Qlik. Additionally, organizations can integrate the Natural Language API into existing chatbots and messaging platforms, such as Microsoft Teams[2]. We are excited for the new opportunities this API offers to integrate AI into daily operations and bring instant answers to analytical questions directly to our users.

Figure 1: How Qlik’s chatbot works. Reference: Build a Customized Qlik ChatBot Using the Natural Language NL

[1] “Build a Customized Qlik ChatBot Using the Natural Language (NL) API,” Qlik, June 24, 2021
[2] “Natural Language API Now Available for Developers in Qlik Sense,” Qlik, June 24, 2021

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