No cloud environment is alike; that’s why, at IntelliDyne, our experienced Cloud consulting experts help you assess and architect the Cloud solution that best fits your agency’s unique environment. IntelliDyne helps you migrate to the right Cloud solution that fits your requirements, security parameters, and operational standards. As complex as the right cloud solutions may be, our professionals pave the way and help you select the right path. We work alongside you to make it yours.

Whether you need to start with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) or move immediately to a private, public or hybrid cloud solution, your agency can benefit from IntelliDyne’s proven experience and unparalleled subject matter expertise in assessing and architecting your path to the Cloud. We’ve been advising clients on enterprise data center efficiencies for years, with measurable results attained.

Aligned with Government CIOs’ missions and goals, IntelliDyne’s Cloud Computing solutions deliver concrete and measurable business value at each and every step. As your trusted advisors, our consultants create clear decision criteria to optimize your technology investment, align your technology to mission critical objectives, empower a faster deployment path to Cloud, increase storage utilization, streamline stove-piped organizations, and define organization-specific SOA and Cloud ROI opportunities.

With IntelliDyne, you can get to the Cloud faster with a trusted flight plan. Leverage our proven expertise to achieve success.


  • Program and Project Management
  • Cloud Architecture Evaluation Services
  • Cloud Architecture Development Services
  • Cloud Implementation Services
  • SOA Implementation Services
  • Private, Public and/or Hybrid Cloud Analysis & Planning
  • Data Consolidation and De-duplication


  • Clear Decision Criteria to Optimize Technology Investment
  • Technology Alignment to Mission Critical Objectives
  • Faster Deployment to the Right Cloud
  • Increased Storage Utilization
  • Streamlined Stove-Piped Organizations
  • Defined, Organization-Specific SOA and Cloud ROI Opportunities

IntelliDyne’s Cloud Computing Solutions:

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